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Modern home floors using modular carpet

Modern home floors using modular carpet

Modular carpet is an innovation brought to the traditional carpet. This kind of carpet consists of carpet tiles that you can place any way you like on your floor and design it the way you want to.


Easier to install

Broadloom carpet comes in long rolls which are so hard to carry and be delivered to your home. With modular carpet, you don’t have to worry about your car not having enough space for your carpet, as they are small tiles and can easily fit. Ease of installing modular carpet is one of the best things about it. You do not professional help and you also don’t have to worry about edges not fitting. You can always move the tiles around to adjust.

Easy maintenance and cleaning

One of the biggest hassles with broadloom carpets is that if they get stained it is very hard to clean them. Maintenance of a modular carpet is fairly easy. There is no need to remove the whole thing to clean it and then wait for it to dry. You can easily remove the tiles that need washing and place them back.


It is more durable and lasts longer. It does not easily get ripped and the threads do not get loose. Even if a part of it gets ruined, you can replace that part without having to buy a whole new carpet.

Unlimited designs

The biggest upside about modular carpet tiles is that when you use these, the possibilities are endless. You do not have to search for one design that goes with the whole room. The tiles are available in every color and pattern. You can place them vertically, horizontally, zigzag or any way you want to. It is all about being creative. Mix different colors with different patterns to give a contemporary look to your space. Modular carpet works great in office spaces too. If you get too tired of one look, you can move the tiles around and make it into an entirely new design without needing to buy anything.

Environment friendly

There is no waste produced during the installation of this carpet while the other type of carpet produces a lot of waste. You don’t need to use glue to install it which makes it more environment friendly. The glues used to install broadloom carpet causes respiratory problems but with modular carpet you don’t have to worry about that.