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Buying washable area rugs

Buying washable area rugs

A dull part of your house can be made to look interesting and easily be switched over to look new using kitchen area rugs. We always consider what colour, texture and design of rugs to choose and often tend to forget about how to clean the rugs when buying them. Hence the first priority should be how the rugs can be cleaned and maintained in the future. You must find the washable area rugs for the kitchen which are very essential in the areas of your home with high foot traffic and in places which are prone to more spillage of food and drinks.

A vital part of your kitchen

Though there are some areas in your kitchen that are less busy which you think is not necessary to have a washable area rug as there are very less chances of food spilling in these areas. But it is not true as every area and everything in the kitchen from cabinets to the floor surfaces attract dirt and grease which needs regular cleaning. Hence the washable area rugs are an important part of every kitchen in a home.

Machine washable area rugs

The kitchen area rugs are not only used as decorative items but are also very functional. Washing and drying your rugs frequently is surely going to cost a lot of time and effort and especially in the cold seasons it is quite hard to dry larger rugs. Hence you must buy washable area rugs and also make sure to check whether the rugs have a label that specifies they are machine washable which will save u a lot of trouble in the future.

You must certainly avoid putting a non-machine washable area rug into the washing machine, though it would be tempting to do so. This is because the rugs would soak up a large volume of water and becomes too heavy to cause damage to the machine and hence the manufacturer’s warrantee becomes void.

Pre-shrunk washable area rugs

The pre-shrunk washable area rugs for kitchen made of cotton are the current trend of rugs among the homeowners. These rugs made of cotton absorb much more dirt and grease and hence need frequent laundering. The pre-shrunk kitchen rugs made of synthetic fibres are a good alternative as they repel spills and let them penetrate slowly within the time which you can wipe off the spills before the rug gets damaged. Also the colour doesn’t fade easily with frequent washing of these washable area rugs.