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Why unfinished wood flooring will always stay in trend

Why unfinished wood flooring will always stay in trend

Unfinished wood- an old classic in wooden flooring

Before finished hardwood came into the market, unfinished wood flooring was the most popular option, being preferred over other available options. These woods are what have gone through and survived the tests of time, and even today, nothing is better than unfinished and solid hardwood flooring for adding a degree of extraordinary warmth to the overall décor. Still, everything ranging from cherry and maple to oak and hickory are made the old-fashioned way- a thickness of ¾”, groove and tongue, requiring only the finishing that you desire.

Is installing unfinished hardwood floors a complicated process?

Unlike what it used to be earlier, the installation of unfinished wood flooring is not as messy, and is rather a cleaner process. The entire unfinished wood flooring process can be done using dustless sanders, making dust a problem of the times that are long gone. These hardwood floors are also durable, much more than other alternatives like softwood. Another added advantage that comes with these is that you can stain and refurnish these floors several times, thus giving you the freedom of changing the appearance of the floor without pulling and reinstalling completely new floors every time.

What are the advantages that come with installing unfinished wood?

As you may already know by now, installing unfinished wood floors comes across as a highly versatile and customizable option for wooden flooring. It is one of the best options for you if you want a finish that is unique as per your preferences and suits the interiors perfectly. The resultant floor that you get after installation is highly stable and uniform, especially due to the on-site finishing and sanding that you get with it.

With unfinished wood floors, the natural characteristics of the material are also retained since the finishing is taken care of after the installation. Right from dark and light hardwood to finishes including satin and high gloss, you can get almost any in unfinished hardwood, ensuring that you do not have to compromise on any aspect of your floors. With an easy method for altering the look any time you want to, there is not a lot that cannot be accomplished with unfinished wood flooring.

Thus, with all this information, you finally know as to why unfinished wood is a good option for your home’s flooring. Keep all of it in mind and go ahead carefully as you select the perfect flooring solution that suits your preferences and budget.