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Creative gardening ideas to consider

Creative gardening ideas to consider

How do you maintain your garden? Do you still have a gigantic lawn or do you live in an urban space where there isn’t much space for the garden? You can make smart choices and have your own mini garden without having to fret about the space. Follow these creative gardening ideas for your personally styled garden.

  1. Grow herbs

Glass candle containers and old jars look really cute and can be used to plant herbs. You can place these in a balcony or windowsill. Make sure that you clean the jar thoroughly before use. Don’t forget to remove the labels.

  1. Tropical delight

Having wild colors in your garden is must during summer. There isn’t any need to shy away from contrasting and bold tones. This gardening idea can prove to be pretty beneficial if you are looking to create a bright theme garden.

  1. Low maintenance and lush

You can plant succulents that are not just striking but also are slow growing and small. Hang these securely where you would want their textures and colors to brighten up the space.

  1. Create a rooftop oasis

If you don’t have much space, you can put your roof to good use by designing a garden appropriately to brighten up the space. You can incorporate formal and architectural elements for the desired look. Maiden grass, fine-textured shrubs, perennials and annuals can transform your rooftop into a dreamy space.

  1. Create a secret garden

During summer days, it becomes vital to have shady spaces in the garden which can act like hideaways. You can plant shrubs and creepers to create a perfect space to offer refuge from the summer sun.

Follow these simple gardening ideas to give a makeover to your garden.