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Easy home décor

Easy home décor

Your friend bought that latest recliner and you are planning to get one too? How daft can that be? Just look around and listen… hear the stashed up “latest” stuff  shuffling, nudging and jostling with each other to get a whiff of fresh air?? Well, that’s your home telling you it’s time to clean up and get rid of the excess weight and get a new sleeker fresh look! How do you go about it? Simple, just follow a few simple rules and your home is all set to dazzle and charm everyone who walks in through the door.

Clear the clattering clutter

One thumb rule in home décor is to keep the décor simple and clutter free. Too much clutter creates confusion and can be harsh on the eye. A few well chosen and coordinated objects placed creatively around the house could create an everlasting pleasant impression.

Practical and valuable

Decorate your home with simple practical things and not merely good looking ones. Also, check if they are real value for money- something that will last out and will not have to be replaced every now and then.

Old is gold

Revamp your old furniture. Give them a fresh look by changing upholstery of just adding colorful cushions. You can beautify your surroundings with well maintained objects passed down the generations. The familiar “old” objects mirror your character, charisma and attitude. The best option would be to mix and match the old with the new to create a blend of the traditional with the contemporary décor. Change cushions, blinds, curtains or shades if you must, instead of going the whole way.

Go natural

Bring nature into your surroundings- use lots of plants and flowers. You’ll never go wrong. They effortlessly brighten up your home and add a lot of life and color to it. Flood your home with as much natural light as possible.