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Bathroom fixtures for a designer bathroom

Bathroom fixtures for a designer bathroom

Bathroom Fixtures are the various fittings that are installed in the bathroom, to name a few main are toilet, shower, sink and tub. You can get value-engineered fixtures in a limited budget if you go the right way. There is no end to the luxurious style of bathrooms like having a television in the shower, therapeutic lights that can change the color of water and even tub walls fitted with gas fireplaces.

There is a large variety of bathroom fixtures that it becomes difficult to select the right one. Showers are either wall-mount unit or a hand-held unit. A rain shower gives a feeling of a waterfall and another shower has body sprayers placed that can massage the body.

Dual fixtures are fixed for two persons to enjoy the shower at one time. Sinks have undergone a great change. Earlier the sinks were made of a vitreous material and were generally under mounted, but now glass sinks are a rage as they can be under mounted or installed over an integrated glass top with cast iron that can allow a black or tan finish for a sophisticated look.

There are various styles of faucets available that are functional as well as effective. They come in an array of designs and just go for one that looks best. Toilets and commodes are a little taller now around 16-18 inches against the earlier 14-15 inches for comfort.

All bathroom fixtures come in a wide range of colors and designs that selecting the right one is a difficult task. If you have the inclination there is no limit to the expenditure on decorating your bathroom with bathroom fixtures of your choice.