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An overview of laminated cotton

An overview of laminated cotton


You might have some memories from your childhood about shiny fabrics in different parts of the house like upholstered chairs, table cloths, appliance covers, etc. They normally had unappealing designs and color patterns but they were very reliable and durable. Moreover, they were much easier to clean as compared to other pieces of fabrics. Today you might have come across the fact that a lot of your most favorite fabric designers have started offering some of their collections in the form of laminated substrates. Most of them are comprised of laminated cotton. These new laminated fabrics are way better in design and color patterns as compared to the ones we remember from our past. They are pliable and attractive and come in very handy for using at your house.

Laminated cotton

Laminated Cotton comes with a number of utilities. It not only delivers a stylish look but it also comprises of a pliable and soft material. This transformation has become possible as a result of a few changes in the manufacturing procedure. They are manufactured using 100% cotton which is usually basic woven. Later they are coated using phthalate free laminating material on their right sides.


If we look at the definition of the word, it suggests an additional layer fused with an existing layer. There are different types of laminated fabrics available in the market that vary in the material used in their manufacturing process as well as the whole process itself. You can see laminated fabrics made up of laminated cotton, polyurethane laminate, oil cloth, chalk cloth, basic vinyl, etc. Clear laminates can also be seen in the market.

Utilities of laminated cotton fabrics

Laminated fabrics come with a lot of utilities and uses. They can be commonly seen while serving the purpose of a common table mat or a dining table sheet but there is a lot more to the picture here. Laminated fabrics are widely used for many other purposes. For instance, they are used in manufacturing REACH compliant products, scuba diving suites, aviation life vests, aviation life rafts, marine safety rafts, raft canopy fabrics, medical air holding devices, medical gel liquid holding devices, liquid storages, etc.

Where to shop from

Laminated cotton can be easily found by walking in to a retail store. You can also look it up over the internet. Online sellers offer a much larger variety at comparatively lower rates.