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What is a water closet?

What is a water closet?

A water closet is a room containing a flush toilet, and sometimes a sink as well. There are many designs of toilet, and tiles and wallpaper that you can use to make sure your water closetis as stylish as possible.

How Can You Decorate a Water Closet?

You may not even consider trying to jazz up a water closet, but consider the visitors and guests who may want to use the facilities. If your toilet isn’t presentable, you may be embarrassed by it. There are several solutions to this:

A more modern toilet is one way to go. Depending on the themes of your water closet you can choose a contemporary design inspired by geometric shapes such as squares or triangles, or you might decide on something a little more traditional and rounded. Whatever you decide, you need to make sure your toilet is in perfect working order, because it will make your life a little easier when you host a party.

Wallpaper, tiling or a lick of paint can turn an eyesore into a masterpiece. There are many colours and styles of each, but you need to be sure that the spaces between tiles are completely sealed, and also that you keep on top of wallpaper or paint because it may get damp.

Accessories are always a great way of decorating your water closet, whether it’s something practical like a towel rack or cabinet, or something simple such as a vase full of flowers.

Whatever you decide to do with a water closet, it has the potential to look either sleek and modern or rustic and cosy, and you’re only limited by your imagination.