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Luxury vinyl floorings are comfortable and eco-friendly


The Question “what type of flooring do you want in your home?” is something you must take time to decide, as it is pretty much for the long term and cannot be easily changed. The flooring can be either of a dark or light softer shades. If you choose a light shade and you have enough windows in your house, then your house will be bright at day even without artificial lighting. While if you choose a darker shade then it’s important to have more than enough lighting fixtures to get the desired illumination. There are many types of flooring materials available like marble, granite, tiles, plain concrete (not quite popular now as it was), wood, vinyl flooring etc.

Advantages of vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is a type of vinyl flooring which is a commonly used kind of resilient flooring. Earlier resilient flooring materials were made up of items like PVC or plastic which even though was good as a flooring material raised many health and environmental issues as they were not eco-friendly. Then resilient flooring manufacturers started working on making something that is safe and eco-friendly and came up with vinyl flooring and it became quite popular. Luxury vinyl flooring is the kind that looks exactly like natural materials like stone or wood, this look is achieved by mimicking the textures and patterns on the natural materials. Luxury vinyl flooring became popular as it was soft (hard enough) and very comfortable to walk on. As it is soft enough, it minimizes the damage that can happen due to slips or falls of someone or something.