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Best Ideas for Using Hanging Shelves
in  Design

Best Ideas for Using Hanging Shelves in  Design

Hanging shelves are a perfect option to make the design functional and appealing at the same time. This storage space may be used effectively in different rooms. Let’s have a look at how hanging shelves are used in various styles.


In this room, a wall rail organization system will be functional and nice-looking. Using such shelves, you may create a modern and appealing design. The look will be similar to a restaurant kitchen. Besides, you’ll get rid of the constant countertop clutter. Open shelves provide you with a great possibility to let everything be placed in order.


Your kids’ childhood is full of great memories you want to remember. Using the space on the hanging shelves is one of the ways to do that. Choose the favorite photos, books, and artworks. All these accessories and crafts will look nice together.


Open shelves above the bed may function as a storage area for nice photos and your favorite accessories. Besides, hanging shelves may be the needed color that will balance the whole bedroom look.  Moreover, mounting hanging shelves in the bedroom, you divide the space.

Living room

It’s not difficult to notice how cool such shelves look when you put the collection of photos on them. They make the design more interesting. They may also function as a place for small things and lighting fixtures. Hanging shelves will look nice in the cabinet. You may store there all your books and other office supply.