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Is wall to wall carpeting the right choice for your home?

Is wall to wall carpeting the right choice for your home?

The choice of carpet and how you use it makes a lot of difference to the appearance of your Home. The functionality and aesthetics the right carpet brings are amazing. It can simply increase the value of your home manifold. As you know carpets are used for a purpose. It is not just to liven up the appearance of the home.

It is also used to keep you warm under the feet along with filtering dust at your home. However, there is certain wall hanging carpets which are purely for decorative purposes. The type of carpet you choose depends on the requirements you face. To enhance the design, you may choose a wall to wall carpeting.

Wall to wall carpets

The wall to wall carpeting is becoming the latest trend for bathrooms. They make bathrooms trendy and make it look elegant. While choosing and fixing wall to wall bathroom carpets, use water-resistant adhesive to fix it strongly. You should also keep in mind that certain styles like needle punch and loop styles are preferred options for area rugs. You should also take care to use bathmat over carpeting to absorb water. You could make the wetness get absorbed by placing a towel on the carpet and walking over it. It will make your carpet dry fast.

Is it costly?

There are a lot of online stores offering wall to wall carpeting. It could be cheaper to select the designs from online. You can also cut the carpet according to your requirement to fit the wall. Make sure you get skid free rubber to enhance safety in the bathroom. You could also choose the carpet which is stain and shade free. The colors can be chosen to match the room colour. The cost could range anywhere between $45 to $55. This could vary with many providers. You could also get discounts from online shops. You should be patient to choose the right wall to wall carpeting product.

Cleaning wall to wall carpets

Wall to wall carpeting is not easy to maintain. Since the length of the carpet is big, it is difficult to clean all by yourself. It is better to approach a professional cleaning service to keep them clean. The proper maintenance can enhance the life of these carpets. It will also help the carpets stay new and avoid any damage. Since these professional cleaning companies use sophisticated methods to clean it is advisable to choose them for the long term benefit.

Wall to wall carpeting enhances the elegance of Homes. Using them for bathrooms has become a new trend which improves the functionality and appearance of the bathroom. Hence, choose wisely and also take the help of professional cleaning services to maintain them properly.