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How to organize your closet

How to organize your closet

Did you ever feel that you are getting late & you are not able to find the required dress or the matching accessories in the closet? Or just that the whole closet is a mess? Well, it shows you need to organize your closet!

A well organize closet not only give aesthetic look to your room but also saves lot of your time. No need to spend more time in searching required stuff or separating new & old stuffs. You can use following tips while organizing your closet:

 Remove the old stuff

Remove the items which are not in use. You can donate old clothes, bags & footwear to the needy. This is creating more space in your closet & also it will help to get rid of unwanted items. Maria put on 10 kg after maternity & her old clothes doesn’t fit her anymore. She had to get rid of old clothes & buy new ones for herself.

Separate the stuff

The items available can be separated on the basis of their type. The stuff in pairs should be kept together. For example the right shoe with left shoe & right sock with left sock. This will save the time to search for the pair. Often same colored bed sheets are difficult to find together.


  • Start arranging the stuff in the specified drawers & space available. Keep the same type of stuff together. You can arrange color wise or type wise or as per your own convenience.
  • When it comes to arrange the dresses, use of hangers is the best option. Tops, jeans, Pants, Skirts, Shorts, all should be hanged using hangers at eye level. The less used items can be kept much above or much below the eye level. The regularly used items need to be present in front of you. These clothes can be arranged according to colors, types or as per your choice. You can use tags if required to differentiate the clothes.
  • Purses & bags can be arranged on a separate shelf. These can be arranged size wise just to pick the right when needed.
  • Sweaters & bed sheets can be folded properly & kept in separate shelves. Same colored bed sheets already sorted can be kept together to find it easily. Scarves can be folded & kept in a separate drawer color wise.
  • Shoes can be kept in racks with their proper pairs.
  • Jewelry can be arranged properly in separate drawers according to their types.
  • Belts can be hanged on hooks or rods.

If you do not have a proper closet, you can use many other alternatives. You can use a separate room to organize all the stuffs.  Easily available & budget racks can be organized to give a look of closet & the items can be arranged as per your choice. Boxes, bags can be used to keep shoes & bags. The ultimate aim to get an organized closet can be achieved.