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How to Get Started with your Small Garden Design

How to Get Started with your Small Garden Design

If you have decided to start a small garden, the next thing coming in your mind is how and where you should begin. Planning your preferred type of garden which you would like to grow is the first and foremost step in any small garden design.

If you want your small garden to be bright and colorful, or you want to grow flowers that you can cut and bring them indoors then you can go for a flower garden design. If you are interested in growing vegetables that you can use for cooking, you can go for a small vegetable garden design or also an herb garden design. Sometimes you can also choose a combination of the small garden designs.

Hence when you have decided the type of small garden design that you would want, you must consider certain things before you begin your small garden design. You should consider things like what your planting zone is, how much sunlight does the garden get in the daytime, whether the amount of sunlight changes every season or during the day, whether your garden area is present in a small portion in the yard and what other plants are growing in the area.

Find the information about planting zone which tells you the types of plants that are suitable for growing in your climatic conditions in your area for your small garden design. This info can be found on the internet or on the seed packets.

The amount of sun received in the planting area is important to decide which plants can be grown in which place in your garden. Some plants would require more sunlight while some others would need a lot of shade or part sun and part shade. Hence all these info must be gathered to get started with your small garden design.