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How to come up with an aesthetic
shower  room design

How to come up with an aesthetic shower  room design

You might be bored looking at the four walls of your bathroom every time you enter in. You want a space where you can relax in. For those who are finding a tub difficult to maintain and definitely not a water saving option, they can opt for a new shower room design. In these days of water saving bathroom designs, most interior décor specialists are designing shower units in place of bathtubs so that one can save water as well as be able to accommodate more in space constrained bathroom areas. However, even with these constraints you can take on several innovative ideas for designing your shower.

Glass units

The standard shower room design would comprise of a glass cabinet unit. With the introduction of fiberglass designs, these need not cost a bomb even if they look contemporary and modern. You could also opt for different textures and finishes on the glass in order to make the glass opaque and add on partial privacy elements in the design of the shower unit.

Fixtures and water flow design

The next thing that you need to incorporate in the shower room design is the choice of fixtures. Nowadays the shower fixtures come in different forms. There are square waterfall shower units that are ultimate in offering a therapeutic shower every time. However, their standard stainless steel shower heads do not cost much but look elegant and modern. The inclusion of hot and cold running water options as well as the drainage needs to be looked into at the time of construction of the shower room. Addition of soap storage in the form of a simple wall shelf to keep shampoo and shower gel units needs to be remembered at the time of planning out the shower cabinet.

Choice of overhead skylight and other arrangements

For those who have the luxury to redesign the whole bathroom space and not only look at the shower room design, they can begin by adding in more of natural light options in different ways. One can install skylights that look outside or glass panels on the ceiling that look out. The bathroom can be a simple yet contemporary design with grey tiles complementing a glass shower unit, a white water closet area and simple wall cabinets to provide storage space. Bright spaces of color can be added in the form of contrasting wall panels, fixtures or mats and rugs. A simple, uncluttered design for a bathroom works best. One should look at the several design ideas that can be found at online magazines and forums. One can also find several ideas in different interior décor magazines.