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Home design ideas with pendant lighting

Home design ideas with pendant lighting

A pendant light is a type of light fixture that hangs from the ceiling usually suspended by a chain or a metal rod. They are found as a single lamp as well as a cluster of lamps. They look good with lights on as well as off. They are seen in a wide variety of designs and sizes. They are made up of a wide variety of materials too ranging from metals to glass and even plastic. The idea of clustered lamps gives us a feeling that they may use considerable amount of electricity but modern pendant lighting (lamps) uses energy saving low voltage lamps or LEDs.

Pendant lighting can be used in home interior designing to give an elegant and classy look to the home interior. They can be fixed in the hall, the kitchen, the dining room, etc. A wide variety of pendant lighting is available in the market these days which gives an opportunity to customise the home interior according to your taste and preferences.

Open beam ceilings are always the perfect backdrop for pendant lighting. Lights hanging from the beam bring a contemporary style to the room. For rooms with tall ceilings, make sure that the lamps hang low enough to provide sufficient lighting and to look aesthetically pleasing. A commonly seen type of pendant lighting is a unit with three lamps which draws every eye upward. Sleek streamlined pendant lamps are also seen in homes nowadays. This gives a modern yet classy look to the room.