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Varieties of maple hardwood flooring

Varieties of maple hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring can be done using various species of woods such as Acacia, Bamboo, Hickory, Elm, Walnut, Cherry, Elm etc. The domestic hardwood floorings in United States have more commonly used wood species such as Red Oak, White Oak and Maple. These are domestic species and are used to complement furniture and cabinets. There are many varieties of Maple hardwood flooring.


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Maple hardwood flooring is a beautiful category of flooring for the house. There are both positive and negative aspects to this type of flooring.

Maple is the hardest of all domestic hardwoods. It is also very durable. Maple hardwood is used for flooring of the bowling alleys because it can withstand all the pounding it receives from the heavy balls and feet. The colour of Maple flooring which is light allows it to blend in any kind of room with different colour combinations. The Maple hardwood flooring is easy to maintain by simply cleaning it with the aid of a vacuum cleaner and wood soap. In order to retain its luster, it should be buffed twice a year. It is widely available, hence is quite affordable.

Some drawbacks include scratches which can be prominent because the flooring is immensely smooth, they need to be removed by rubbing a wax compound. Heel marks made by rubber soled shoes also shows up on the flooring which can be buffed. Maple floors are also prone to moving and shrinkage due to rise and fall in humidity, in such cases it is proper to purchase a humidifier to use under the floor. On the other hand the flooring cracks in a damp environment. De-humidifier should be used in such cases.


Maple hardwood flooring in different designs and price ranges can be found at the various online as well as conventional outlets. The online stores have a huge collection of such hardwood floors.