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Heaven On Earth Japanese Gardens

Heaven On Earth Japanese Gardens

Japanese garden are the greenery filled gardens designed in Japanese traditional style. So you can enjoy a walk in a Japanese garden even outside Japan. These garden create an idealized landscape in a stylish way. In olden days these Japanese garden were designed for the recreation of emperors and nobles.


Japanese garden styles include the following,

  • Karesansui,
  • Japanese rock garden,
  • Zen gardens.

All the above are meditation gardens. In these Japanese gardens white sand replaces water. More over a tea ceremony is conducted in roji, simple, rustic gardens with tea houses.

The origin of Japanese garden came into being under the influence of Chinese garden. Later on Japanese construct their own gardens keeping in view their culture. Some of the famous Japanese gardens are as under,


This garden is situated in Kanazawa in japan. It was made for the recreation of feudal lords. It is a beautiful collection of small ponds, hills, flower gardens and stunning landscape.


This is one of the recently designed Japanese garden in Matsue which is famous for its Japanese paintings.


It is situated in western Kyoto and is famous for its touch of class and beauty. This Japanese garden is always so much heavily crowded that you have to go for advance booking to visit this garden.


This is an entertainment fun garden. People visit this Japanese garden to spent their and enjoy tea and snacks at the gorgeous tea pavilion.

This was only a small list of Japanese garden and one must recommend these gardens if anybody wants an unforgettable day out.