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Glamorous indoor outdoor area rugs

Glamorous indoor outdoor area rugs

Indoor outdoor area rugs are not only beautiful but they are also diverse, moreover, there are different types of these rugs available in the market and you have to know that getting the best choice can be very daunting and rewarding at the same time.

Marina indoor outdoor rugs

These rugs are all about numerous colors and limited patterns, they are carefully loomed in sisal weaves that are known to be very durable and they can be either machine washed or hand washed using water and a mild soap. This rug is perfect for indoor areas that are busy for example the mudroom and the kitchen and they are also pet friendly.

Maintaining you indoor outdoor rug

Regular vacuuming of your rug, prompt treatment, removal of dust and debris are some of the essential parts of a rug care. Moreover, these are factors that will ensure that your rug serves its purpose for a very long time.

To maintain your indoor outdoor area rug, you have to make sure that vacuum the back and front of the rug once or twice every month. Vacuuming is important because it helps push out dirt that is deeply buried in the rug onto the surface.

How to treat stains and spots on your indoor outdoor rug

Make sure that you clean the spots and stains as soon as they appear. First, you have to ensure that the colors on the rug will not run during the treatment procedure. Use a white, cotton damp towel to confirm this theory.

The next step is blotting the stain; use a clean towel made from cotton and press it hard on the stain; press the stain from outside towards the inside repeat the process until you absorb all the moisture. Don’t rub the rug in circular motion because you will end up damaging the construction and fibers of your rug.

Use the correct products to treat the spill or stain on the rug

For instance mild stains and mud on the rug can be treated by vacuuming and blotting whereas tough stains may require commercial removers like detergents to disinfect the rug and remove debris and products like ammonia to remove tough stains.

When the stain is completely removed, you have to rinse your indoor outdoor area rug using lukewarm water then use a fan to dry the rug. The rug should never dry under the sun because chances of degradation are very high and this can damage your rug. In addition, you have to avoid drying the rug on the floor.