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Get area rug sizes that you desire for
your individual spaces

Get area rug sizes that you desire for your individual spaces

Selecting a right rug size is a very important determinant in the decorating concept of a room. The rug design of course has a big impact but the rug size is equally significant when you visualize of how the furniture will fit in the space. A small area rug sizes will allow the furniture to overpower the room while on the other hand a large rug size will diminish the look of the furniture.

Features Affecting the Placement of Rugs

Various factors affect the placement of rugs like the arrangement of furniture and the arrangement of the rug. You have to decide whether you want the rug to fill most of the room or only the high traffic areas or only the conversation areas. If the furniture of the living room is in the center of the room then a large sized rug would be perfect allowing all the furniture to be placed on the rug. In case the furniture is near the walls then a small rug will do with the front legs of the sofas and chairs being placed on the rug in a seating arrangement that unifies the furniture.

This way the rug connects the various furniture pieces and creating a sense of proportion. Sometimes you could also have a very small rug to add a little pattern to the room just under the center table while the sofas and chairs are away from the rug to give a different look. Another way to place an area rug size is to cover the whole floor area with the rug just leaving about 18 inches of bare space between the rug and the walls.


Area rugs for the bedroom should be large enough to extend about a couple of feet around the king or queen sized beds. At times a small rug placed at the foot of the bed adds a little pattern to the room. For the dining room area rugs should be large enough so that the table and chairs can fit comfortably on the rug. In fact the rug should be quite big that if the chairs are pulled back they will remain on the rug. The walking area in the entry or the hallway should have a rug covering most of the space with only the sides left.

Though there are multiple rules that can help in your decision of the right size of an area rug sizes but what appeals to you should be the guiding force to achieve a look that you desire.