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Everything you need to know about wool berber carpet

Everything you need to know about wool berber carpet

Wool Berber Carpets have been there since a long time. Their origins can be traced back to North Africa to the time they were hand made by the members of the Berber tribe. It is roughly some 30 years ago that they gained popularity in the US. Today this type of carpet is available in a variety of designs and colors. In this article, I will be telling you about the different types of Berber carpets with our main emphasis being on the wool Berber carpets.

Different Types of Berber Carpets:

Following are the types of Berber carpets:

Olefin Carpets:

Are the cheapest type of Berber carpets? However, they are very difficult to clean ad gets dirty very quickly. They are not very resilient either and will last for a decade max If you take proper care of it.

Nylon Carpets:

Cheaper than Wool but costlier than Olefin Carpets. It is fairly easy to clean and can last for a longer time period subject to timely and periodic maintenance. However, it is also highly important that you buy it from a good carpet dealer who won’t compromise on quality.

Wool Carpets:

Wool Berber carpets are the most expensive among the three because wool is a natural fiber and is usually pretty comfortable and long lasting. Cleaning a wool carpet can be an issue and hiring a professional to do it is always recommended. However, if taken proper care it can last for eternity. So if you are looking for a high-quality premium carpet with no budget issues, you should opt for a wool carpet.

It is also worth noting that to get the maximum out of your wool carpet it is essential that you take utmost care of it. You will have to keep it as far away as possible from chemicals and avoid the sunlight as much as you can so that the color won’t fade. While cleaning it always remember that wool will absorb water so try to find a method that is low in moisture so that your carpet won’t be damaged and survive for a longer time.

In the end, I would conclude by saying that on paper wool Berber carpets does look good and worth the money. However, if you want durability with a good price, then Nylon Berber carpet is a bargain which will satisfy you.