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Are ceramic tile floor the other name of convenience?

Are ceramic tile floor the other name of convenience?

Ceramic tiles are made from clay which is moulded into shapes, dried and then baked in a kiln at high temperatures. Ceramic tile floor is a type of floor covering that is made from ceramics. It is widely used for bathrooms, kitchens and mud rooms because of its excellent ability to; resist damage by water, is practically stainless, doesn’t give off any hazardous and unpleasant odour and is free of any other microorganisms. To get a natural looking stone flooring with a minimalistic maintenance requirement and extremely good performance of your home flooring, with true to the eye, extremely realistic and sophisticated visuals, ceramic tile floor should be considered.

Ceramic tiles can be made into different sizes, shapes, colors, designs and textures. They are calibrated in order to achieve a uniform appearance of the flooring. Ceramic tiles replicate the real feel of stone and other such materials like slate, marble etc.
Some of the types of ceramic tiles are:

Glazed Tiles:
These tiles, as the name indicates are glazed with liquid glass on the surface and is then heated at high temperature for it to settle down. The glaze is an authentic measure to keep the stains off the tiles. Glazing a ceramic tile also helps playing with different color schemes on the tiles. It is done by giving a colored coating of glaze to the tile prior to baking it in a kiln. This makes the color long lasting and permanent, leaving the tiles glossy and glinting.

Unglazed Tiles:

Unlike glazed tiles, unglazed tiles do not have a glossy glint to it because of no glazing. It is the matte form of ceramic tiles.

Porcelain Tiles
Porcelain tiles are another form of ceramic tiles. These take a longer period of time for their production because of their high quality, refined white clay which takes longer to bake than other ordinary ceramic tile products.

Terracotta Tiles:
Terracotta tiles are the opposite of porcelain tiles. These are low density, easily made tiles. They are baked at a lower temperature than other ceramic tiles because of their grain quality. They are usually reddish brown in color. Each tile is handcrafted and that’s why it gives them a vintage and rustic look.

Grout, is a substance used to fill spaces in between the tiles to give it finishing look. The only maintenance needed in a ceramic tile flooring is the maintenance of grout. Grout should be periodically cleaned in order to prevent its erosion.

Another important point of consideration is keeping the furniture legs blunt to avoid any scratches, abrasions and wear of your ceramic tile floor.