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Carpet designs that will be in trend in 2019

Carpet designs that will be in trend in 2019

Apart from the material and size of the carpet, the most important thing in a carpet is its design. After all, it’s the design of the carpet that will enhance the looks of any room. Based on the design, it can work in the background to work with other details of the room or can function as an individual focal point. Let us have a look at some carpet designs that are sure to stay in trend this year.

  1. Carpets in Neutral Colors and Minimal Design-

Taupes and grays are the new neutrals that are in trend. Both these colors are so attractive that they don’t need a lot of designs on it. Apart from these two, carpets in earthy greens, muted teals and blue are also finding buyers.

  1. Textured and patterned loop carpets-

Textures and patterns are gaining popularity throughout the world. The reason for their popularity is the fact that they reduce the appearance of stains and also keep the vacuum marks at minimum. Some of the most popular textured and patterned carpet designs are textured loops, ribbed striation, dual-toned carpets and geometric patterns.

  1. Pet Resistant Designs-

While there are many carpet designs and materials that are ideal for homes with pets, there is a completely new breed of carpet designs that are pet resistant. PetProtect and Stainmaster are two such carpets. This type of carpet is easy to clean and wash, and reduces the appearance of dirt and stains.

  1. Herati Pattern-

This pattern gets its name from the city of Herati, located in Pakistan. It has floral patterns surrounded by leaves that are arranged in various designs. These leaves are also sometimes called as fishes as they look like them. If you go for a Herati pattern, make sure that the carpet is from Iran or Pakistan and is handmade.

  1. Dyrnak Pattern-

This carpet design originated in Turkey and was first created by the Yomuts here. It generally has a simple design with impressive variations that do an excellent job of enhancing the looks of a room that has a traditional setting. While this type of design is very old, the number of buyers for this design is increasing and it might be one of the most popular carpet designs this year.

If you are out searching for a carpet, remember these carpet designs to ensure that you pick the one that is well-appreciated by each one of your guests.