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Caring for your oak floors

Caring for your oak floors

Even if you are extra careful, it is inevitable that your oak floors will accumulate some sort of scratches. These scratches can be caused by pets, moving furniture among other things; it is therefore important to know how to care, conceal ad repair any scratches on your oak floor whenever they occur and you have to keep in mind that there are different ways of fixing different types of scratches.

Fixing shallow scratches

Shallow scratches on your oak floor can be fixed by sanding. Follow these steps and your floor will sparkle by the time you are done with the whole process.

  • Using a hardwood floor cleaner and a soft rag, clean the scratched area on the floor to remove all the debris
  • Using water and a dump cloth clean the scratched area; this will remove hardwood cleanser and also sanitize the area which makes work easier.
  • Using a fine steel wool sand the scratched area on the floor gently until it blends with the whole surface area
  • Gently rub a wax stick to fill the sanded area then allow it to dry for a couple of minutes. Lastly buff the scratch to remove any excess wood wax and it also aids in restoring the floor to its original look.

Fixing scratches that are superficial

Superficial scratches on the oak floor can be fixed by first; cleaning and rinsing the scratched area using hardwood cleanser, clean water and micro fiber rags. Allow the scratched area to dry before proceeding to the next stage. Apply a thin layer of protective finish on the scratched area using a small brush with a tipped surface. Allow the floor area to dry before applying the final sealant which will completely get rid of the scratch.

Repairing gouges and deep scratches

Cleaning and rinsing the gouges and deep scratches is very significant because it ensures that your work area free from any dirt and debris. It is also important to allow the scratched area to dry. If the oak floor is coated, you have to ensure that it is removed using mineral spirits before fixing the scratch.

Fill the scratch on the floor using the correct wood filler; spread the filler in all directions and make sure that you get rid of all air bubbles. Before the wood filler dries up, remove any excess filling using a putty knife then give the remaining filling time to dry completely. Lastly, apply a sealer of your choice to the patched area and give it time to dry.