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Important Criteria for Selecting a
  Laundry Hamper

Important Criteria for Selecting a Laundry Hamper

A bedroom with a chic or contemporary design will lose its attractiveness if not properly organized.  A laundry hamper is the best tool for keeping your bedroom and kids’ bedroom organized. A hamper is not sufficient enough if it does not meet what it’s meant for. Therefore important consideration of several things need to be done to make them perform their duty well.

Choose hampers fitting your space

If you have a small bedroom, choose a hamper that best fits your dressing and undressing space. An oversized hamper will occupy much of the available space, making it difficult to move within the bedroom.

Consider the size of your closet

For those who are fortunate enough to have a walk-in closet, then the selected hamper should at least fit in the closet. You want to make good use of the available space. So, get dressed within the confines of your closet and have the hamper placed in the closet instead.

Consider their storage capacity

If you have a large family, you not only need to find a laundry hamper that can hold the dirty clothes of one person. The hamper should be large enough to hold clothes of as many people living in your house as possible. This is for the purpose of avoiding to have more than a single hamper so as to utilize available space.

Waterproof capability

Look for a hamper that is waterproof to avoid growth of molds on the dirty clothes when stored for long. Even if its wicker laundry hamper, ensure it is embedded with vinyl to make it waterproof.

Ease of cleaning

You won’t be cleaning your clothes only but also the laundry hamper. Ensure the selected hamper is easy to clean. Cleaning the hamper is necessary to prevent accumulation of odor and growth of molds.