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All you need to know about modern carpet

All you need to know about modern carpet

Carpets have always been part of home accessory for as long as one can remember. During the age old, carpets were hand-woven out of different materials like wools and fibers. Back then it was just a functional piece of item that served its purpose.

With the change in time, carpets have had makeover that changed their hiatus from a simple functional piece to the irresistible home decor item. It’s testament to the journey travelled by the carpets to become modern-day one.

Modern day carpets are multi-variants of the carpet range than fit as per their different purpose and use. Some may be used for their styling purposes while some for their basic layering options and some for their flexible uses. The modern carpeting boasts of different niches.

We’ll provide you an in-depth view on the modern carpets down below.

What is modern carpet?

  • It’s the different variants of carpets that came into prominence with the change in time. Modern carpets boasts of different options like the wool, cotton, synthetic or the propylene ones.
  • The modern times requires carpets for different functional uses an as such these provide the options for every sort of use out there.

Decoding a modern carpet

The materials

Modern carpets uses different materials in the making. The wool or the silk ones are still revered to this day but they are pretty high on the budget.

While the synthetic might not look as fine as the wool carpet but proves economical and durable option.

The designs are articulated in various forms like the traditional swipes or the new machine patterned looks.

The texture

As far as the talk of textures go along, modern carpets come in all sorts of smooth and light textured to the heavy and corrosive textured ones.

The texture of the carpet is often decided as per where these items are going to be layered upon. If it’s for the stairs, then a slightly heavy or light complexion ones are decided as per the requirements.

Similarly for a hall or the living room, a carpet with contemporary looks is decided upon.

The color

Modern carpets have a multitude of color options available to choose from. It’s normally decided between the fair and light ones or the darker and the bold ones.

Generally the layering area and the furniture in the space also affects the color decision. You can decide a darker tone of modern carpet for your stairs and kitchen while a brighter one suits your hallway the best.