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A guide to selecting the right indoor
outdoor rug

A guide to selecting the right indoor outdoor rug

Most of the houses/apartments demand the inclusion of rugs to complement the furniture, the walls, the screens, basically the house itself. Over the years the rug industry has only seen growth. In beginning these rugs where a pricey proposition but with the advent of machines and synthetic materials, the prices have dropped and we see the rugs being used quite commonly. One of the most commonly found rugs among all is the indoor outdoor rug. The name itself gives it the advantage, of having the ability to be used indoors or outdoors.

Here is a straight guide to selecting the right Indoor outdoor rug based on the whole different types of materials.

Handmade –

From the name itself we get to know that these rugs are woven by hand. They are also known as hand-hooked. Here we could find them in different patterns, where they are in the form of loops or sheared ones. Some of the major advantages in going for a handmade indoor outdoor rugs include the great artistry work, selection of a broad range of colors and customization to one’s preference. They could also be woven with a wide variety of natural fibers like wool, cotton, etc. or synthetic fibers like nylon, etc.

It is necessary to select the right material, as the synthetic fibers are more suited to be used outdoors because they are made to accumulate less dirt, do not absorb liquid, are stain resistant, mold and moss resistant. With natural fibers it would be ideal to use them as indoor rugs. One of the major drawbacks of handmade indoor outdoor rug is its price which is on a higher side. It is also dependent on the customization, the more the customization, the higher the price. For example, 8’x10’ rug could easily range from 270$ to 1000$ or more depending on the detail in design.

Machine woven –

With advent of machines the rug industry has found a great boost in terms of production and speed. The machines help in creating great patterns for the rugs, as they could easily stitch together from a wide variety of yarns including different colors and materials. This results in a beautifully stitched pattern developed for the indoor outdoor rug. The major advantage with the machine woven rugs are the stark reduction in price compared to the man-made ones. For example, 8’x10’ rug could cost in the range of 55$ to a maximum 800$ to 900$. Major disadvantage here is obvious, it’s not customized to ones’ preference. One has to be happy with what the industry provides.

Braided rugs –

These types of indoor outdoor rugs are mostly made from synthetic fibers primarily polypropylene. They are known for a typical style in which these yarns are stitched together, where they form braids. There are also different styles of braids but the major distinction is found only through the feel of the rug. The major advantage here is that the usage of the synthetic fiber like polypropylene makes it easy to maintain and has the typical anti-dirt, anti-stain, anti-moss properties. This makes it an apt candidate for outdoor as well as indoor usage. Apart from this it also carries the advantage of being cheaper than the man made rugs and comparable to the machine woven ones.

The indoor outdoor rugs are a great addition to any apartment or house as their bold patterns light up any house and also are great for outdoors.