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Latest trends in dining set design

Latest trends in dining set design

Interior design has been experimenting for a while now and sometimes the most unusual pieces are made for the most traditional settings: some of the latest trends in fact are taking place where you wouldn’t think they could happen, dining set.

Eco-friendly furnishing

Throw away those plastic chairs and tables and invest in some organic and natural dining set.

Real wooden, stone or metal furniture is certainly more expensive than other materials but it will last longer and it’s low on VOC contents, that is volatile organic compounds that are harmful for your health and are contained in most of today’s household products, as well as paint carpets and yes, furniture.

Color, pattern and shape

Maybe you are used to traditional shapes for your dining set, a rectangular table, four-legged chairs with a squared seat.

Why not experimenting? Choose a round table and some minimalist stools, try unusual patterns for decorating and be audacious with colors: 2016 is the year of gold tones and pastels, geometric patterns also play a big role.

Don’t be shy and try new things, you will be rewarded with a unique and, why not, avant-garde dining set.

Try relocating

In dim light everything seems boring, so why not relocating your dining set in the center of the room?

After all the searching for unique furniture, it would be a waste not to make it the statement piece of your dining room.

Also putting a modern ceiling lamp (surf the Internet for rare pieces) over the table will draw more attention to it.