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Welsh dresser from an era gone by

Welsh dresser from an era gone by

There is something very English, very proper about the welsh dresser and that is the charm of this piece of furniture that makes it so unique and special. It is actually a crockery stand but calling a welsh dresser that would be over simplifying its definition.

Originally it was a very utilitarian piece of furniture with all the drawers and stands. In the old times, people would keep their prepared food on them while serving on the dining table. A welsh dresser has cupboards and drawers in the lower compartment and crockery stand in the upper one. This is the uniqueness of the welsh dresser.

Today welsh dresser is for aesthetic purposes more than anything else. It just looks very classy and from a time that was full of charm and appeal. There is no denying that the furniture is very useful but more that people buy and install them for the way they beautify your kitchen area instantly.

You can display your best crockery on the upper portion of shelf and hide all the bad ones in the closets below and so in that sense it is multipurpose. This way you do not have to build two independent structures to support all of your odds and ends from the kitchen. Also you display only what you want to while hiding what you don’t wish to.

To maintain the good looks of welsh dresser always buy the classic colors. You can get your dresser built in the variation you want but do not experiment with the shades too much lest it looks garish.