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Vintage diy dining room set

Vintage diy dining room set

We all love vintage, what’s not to like in finding unique pieces for your own home? Having all your guests ask you where you got that lovely armchair and envying you for your luck and taste.

The problem with vintage furnishing is that its value is growing, therefore also its price is.

But don’t worry, you can diy your way through a vintage house.

Let’s see how to make your own unique dining room set.

Recycle, recycle, recycle

Diy is not only amazing because it enhances your creativity and allows to craft from scratch the most original pieces, it’s also good for the environment!

Take the chairs of your dining room set for example, did you know that with some textile and glue you can make them born again?

Don’t go throw your stuff when you want to refurnish your house, first look around you and you’ll discover that your furniture’s life is not over yet.

Customize your new furniture by making it look antique

An antique dining room set always looks good and the best thing is you can make your own.

There are two ways: antiquing and distressing, with the first you add layers over layers of paint, so that you get to a nice, smooth and thick patina, while when distressing you add stripper and scrape it off until you achieve that lovely worn-out-by-time look.

Both processes will give you the most unique pieces and they can allow you to show off your antique dining room set next time you have guest for dinner.