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Types of distressed hardwood flooring

Types of distressed hardwood flooring

Distressed hardwood flooring is very common because of their general characteristics; they are easy to clean, they are durable, they are easy to clean and they will always compliment your home décor. There are different types of distressed hardwood flooring in the market and it is always important to understand what they are all about especially if you intend to use them as your floor type.

Copper kettle distressed flooring

Copper kettle distressed hardwood flooring is an engineered type of floor with a low gloss; ideally, gloss is the coating on the surface of the flooring that gives the floor a polished look and it can either be installed above, on or below the ground level using floatation, stapling or glue methods. Moreover, this floor type can be finished using different transitions that have been coordinated like; t molding, reducing strip, threshold, stair nose and quarter round.

Fireside distressed flooring

This distressed flooring is made from hardwood plank and they are also available in different shades; they range from darker shades to lighter shades and they always look good in rooms with traditional furnishings. You can easily carry out coordinated transitions when installing these floors and they will always look glamorous.

Antique natural flooring

The flooring is available in two distinct colors, the lighter and darker brown shades and they both have low gloss levels. The micro beveled edges are significant because they make it easy to distinguish the floor type from the rest. You can personally install this floor especially if you have the required equipment using the lock and fold method and the floor can either be installed above or below the ground level.

Oak hardwood distressed flooring

This floor type is glamorous especially of you are into contemporary looks, moreover, it is very to clean and compliments well with most home décor. It is very durable in that it rarely requires fixing. In addition, the low gloss on the distressed floor gives you the opportunity of decorating and giving the floor a look that interests you.

Maple distressed flooring

Maple distressed wood flooring is made from a unique distressing technique and handcrafted with maple staining whose main intention is creation a floor that is not only rustic but to also create a floor with a look which is naturally aged. Its low gloss is perfect for kitchen and other rooms with traditional décor and furniture. The floor is easy to clean and hardly accumulates any debris.