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Install sofa bed to give a new look
to  your living room

Install sofa bed to give a new look to  your living room

Sofa bed is available in different designs, so picking a quality sofa   bed you can add glamour to your living room. Sofa beds provide comfortable   place to sit if you are in the habit of entertaining. They also provide a comfortable bed for sleeping if guests stay over for the night.  The bed has plenty of storage space so that all the bed linen and accessories can be comfortably stored keeping the living room n spic and span.

How is a Sofa Bed Constructed?

Sofa Bed has wood and laminate frame which is sturdy beside block legs with rich mahogany finish. It has been provided with steel springs of carbon for durability and strength. It has graceful tapered arms that provide the sofa bed with a sleek look. The mattress used is box spring which is ideal for sitting and sleeping.

It is available in 6 different colors with a beautifully upholstered back. Mattress stands on metal legs which can be pulled out with it. It is very smooth for opening the bed.  There are cross wires providing extra support under the mattress besides a support bar. With firm cushion comfort you can have a wonderful sleeping arrangement.

Benefits of Sofa Bed

With a modern sofa bed you can use the available space to maximum advantage. The sofa bed offers you space to store all the bed linen and duvets and arrange them comfortably. It provides space for seating your guests as well as comfortable space for sleeping if you have sleep overs.

A sofa bed can be used in any room unlike a sofa which can be placed in a living room or lounge. A sofa bed gives a sleek look to your living room.

Add Style to your Living Room with Sofa Bed

With a sofa bed you have the advantage of two pieces of furniture for the price of one. It also occupies little space leaving the place for other pieces of furniture. It comes in a wide variety of colors and textures that presents a stylish look.

So if you are looking for comfortable options for sitting and sleeping then a modern sofa bed is the ideal piece of furniture.