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Use futon sofa bed for a dual
purpose  function in your apartment

Use futon sofa bed for a dual purpose  function in your apartment

A Futon sofa bed is a comfy sofa that can serve a dual purpose for a seat and as a sleeping bed in our home. It is a Japanese creation designed to maximize your room space. If you live in an apartment room such as studio apartment, you’ll find futon sofa a lot useful as with some of them, you can fold them when not in use and keep in a closet for the night when you’ll probably use it.

Frame description of futon

The futon sofa bed are designed in various patterns and for this, the frames differ accordingly. There are majorly wooden designs, though you will find a few metal designs in the market as well.

Majorly, you’ll have the sofa or mattress surface, the backrest and with or without the headrest and footrest in some cases.

Futon with storage

Some futons have storage compartments where you can store your items. The typical storage design is drawers that can be pulled out from beneath the sleep surface. You can have some coming with side storage beside the head for a comfortable access when on the futon.

Bi-fold and Tri- fold futon bed

The typical futon sofa bed is either a bi-fold or a tri-fold design. For a bi-fold, you can sit comfortably on it and as well sleep on the sofa. That is, the mattress is folded for the sofa surface and the backrest.

In a tri-fold, it is more of a convertible design. You will have a sofa that can be converted to a sleeping bed in the three folds. This is done by pulling the seat surface from beneath to extend forward as the backrest stretches to complete a flat surface for the mattress to assume its new function as a bed mattress.

The futon sofa bed is suitable as a sofa in the living room to accommodate guests who might pass the night in your home. If you live in an apartment room where space is premium, you’ll find an appreciable safety in futon sofas.