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Tips on buying a bedside crib

Tips on buying a bedside crib

Bedside cribs are a great way for new moms to stay close to their newborns while in bed. During the baby’s early weeks, it is essentially crucial for moms to keep close to the baby and having a bedside crib will help with this.

Though most moms will prefer sleeping with the baby on the same bed, having a bedside crib will minimize chances of your baby suffocating or being crushed unknowingly while you sleep. Choosing the right bedside crib will entail the following.

-Consider the height of the bedside crib. This will determine just how far you will have to reach for the baby, or how close the baby will be to you. Fortunately, there are height adjustable base bedside cribs available, which allow you to adjust the height of the crib accordingly.

-Consider also whether you would want to have drop sides or fixed sides. Drop sides can be nudged to lower the side and allow you to reach for the baby. When picking the drop side cribs, make sure that they meet the required standards, as substandard drop side cribs have caused deaths of children in the US, and were effectively banned since 2000.

-Also choose a bedside crib that will be easy to maintain and clean. The crib should also fit the mattress tightly to avoid the baby getting caught between the mattress and the crib. If you go for the cribs that will require you to install the crib, follow the manual carefully and make sure that the crib is firm, and no pieces are left after you finish installation.