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Things to know about laminated sheets for flooring

Things to know about laminated sheets for flooring

When manufacturers mention anything related to laminate flooring, they actually refer to boards that have been snapped together to float over the subfloor materials.  Laminated sheets are an excellent low budget materials for covering floors. They offer the desired durability needed for kitchens and any other utility room. Their application is not only limited to the utility rooms but can also be used for the living room space.  Here are a few things you need to familiarize yourself with about the laminated sheets.


Laminated flooring sheets are basically composed of four layers. The top player usually consists of a clear and durable plastic. This is what covers the other sub- layers from mechanical wear.  The second layer is what contains the design of the sheets and lies immediately beneath the top layer. The third layer is composed of firmly packed together wood and plastic chips glued together. The fourth layer is also composed of the same but the materials on this level are what sustain the pressure exerted by the weight on the top layer.  Their thickness is usually 0.375 inches thick.

Mechanical strength

The mechanical strength of the laminated sheets can be viewed from the perspective of moisture resistance and sustaining the pressure exerted. On moisture resistance, the sheets are not resistant to water since they are made from wood fibers, hence not very recommended for floors that come in contact with moisture too frequently. When the boards come into contact with moisture, they swell and the edges curl when pushed against each other.  Consequently, they are not good for laundry rooms and bathrooms.


Installing laminated sheets is so easy considering that they do not need to be glued down due their locking mechanisms. You don’t need to be an expert to make the installations, that’s why they come with simple DIY manuals for installation. The boards can be easily cut and fitted together like a puzzle.

The subfloor requirements for laminated sheets installation should be flat and completely dry. The good thing with these sheets is that you can lay them down on subfloors with a little imperfection.  Since the boards are subject to different conditions, they should be acclimatized to the prevailing conditions of the floor before the actual installation is done. Acclimatization takes an average of three days.


After installation, laminate flooring boards do not require much maintenance apart from protecting them from exposure to moisture. They can only be replaced when they become worn out or when you simply need a new design for your floor when redesigning your décor.