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Make your sofas ever with sofa slipcovers

Make your sofas ever with sofa slipcovers

A Slipcover for your sofa is one way to ever keep your sofa appearing new. If you are fashion conscious and want to move with the tides for your sofas, you can make this happen by simply changing the look of your sofa by using a new slipcover to replace the old look.

We’ll take a look at how to get this done for your living room briefly.

Measurement of the sofa

The size of sofas differs. Before going for a purchase, the first thing that should rightly come to mind is what size of cover will be the best fit for my sofa? So taking a measurement would be appropriate. Measure the seat surface length, the backrest, and the height. What is required here is the average dimension since many sofa slipcovers will have a stretch-fit at the end.

Material of choice

There are different materials in the market that will well suit many sofas. Consequently, you want will a pick and the best that suits your style. There are quality fabrics made out of cotton, wool, polyester and silk.

Wool and linen are beautiful on sofas but gets dirty so quickly- if you can maintain a cleaning for them, then they are just fine. Cotton and canvas will be the best bet for any sofa and home. They can withstand much pressure than others.

What is your style?

Actually, your style would be well defined by the choice of material you make. In as much the sofa slipcovers are not permanent covers, changing them with the seasons in mind would make a lot of sense. You can go for colors of different kinds per season to spice up your living room outlook.

Generally, most sofa slipcovers stretch to make a fit on the couch. Your single sofa, loveseat, and others have a design pattern that will correctly fit into the various sizes of covers available. You can opt for a custom make if you have other interests and designs in mind and they would be just lovely to keep your living room in touch with latest styles.