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Making the most of standing desks

Making the most of standing desks

Standing desks were made popular by the rich and influential people of the 18th and 19th century. Used by notable people like Winston Churchill, Benjamin Franklin and Virginia Woolf, standing desks are gaining popularity today due to the health risks involved with too much sitting when working. Getting a standing desk will therefore help you make a switch from those long hours you spend sitting on your desk.

-As much as standing desks are good for change, it is important to remember that too much of anything is poison. To avoid poisoning your standing desk work experience, avoid standing for too long while working. Make switches with sitting, walking and stretching a few times during your work hours to ensure you do not get back pains.

-Maintaining the correct posture is also very important for standing desk A poor standing posture will lead to back pain and if it goes unchecked for long periods, a slouched appearance. Make sure that your body is properly aligned, with your feet apart to ensure your posture is balanced.

-It cannot go without mention that having the proper standing desk will determine whether you will be able to work comfortably or not. Choose a standing desk that is of proper height, ideally of elbow height is important.

There are however new standing desk designs that are adjustable, to enable you vary your standing position, as well as how you use your standing desk. Making use of these tips will help you get the most of standing desks, and not view them as another invented health concern.