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How to fix an Over Toiler Storage Unit

How to fix an Over Toiler Storage Unit

What is an Over Toilet Storage?

Over toiler storages sets are basically used to store bathroom necessities and accessories in a very efficient and methodical manner. They are usually are made up of adjustable shelves and have plenty of space inside for sufficient storage. They are manufactured with high quality wood or bamboo which makes it very durable and long lasting. The over toilet storage cabinets have atleast two hinged doors, that protects it from outside influences and can easily conceal cluttered items inside. The handles are made with high quality finishing materials that naturally blend in along with other décor and allows for easy movement of the doors. Also the entire storage unit is covered with water resistant PVC. Additionally mirrors can be fitted on to the units to give it an impressive look.

How to make sure the Over Toilet Storage doesn’t Wobble?

Over toilet storage units are generally a breeze to anchor and fit onto a wall. But sometimes the cabinets can start rocking or shifting and it’s important to make sure they are stable. At such times they can be fixed with several sets of Velcro in the back. The anchors used to fit them have to be long and the cabinet should have a straight backing. In most cases, they are very easy to assemble and the bottom support has to be snugly fitted with the panel behind the toilet to make it steady. In order to avoid pitfalls, the base support has to be assembled with the back lower cross bar behind.