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Home decorations or designing

Home decorations or designing

This is basically art or science of maintaining and styling of the interiors of the house to give it a very pleasuring and aesthetic view which is alluring and is admired by not only the owner of the house but all by all the visitors. Basically decoration is conceptual development. An interior designer is the one who decorates the house and the ideas should be innovative and out of the box.

The following stages are there in home decorations –

  • The Ideationidea should be formed in the mind of decorator and inspection should be done on the house like color, size, designs and the according to that those ideas should be formed like what will suit with the current situation of the house.
  • Execution of idea only after proper planning, the ideas should be executed, otherwise random decisions can ruin the decorations and designing of the house and instead of aesthetic appearance, odd visuals will appear.

In home decoration, art, designing plays a key role and arts on the wall is now in fashion and is in huge demand because of the creative mentality of a present time generation. Apart from art designing, the curtains of the house play an important role in decoration. The Curtains of the house should be according to the color of the house and also curtains should be changed with respect to different seasons, so that it will match up with the environment and no negative feeling will rise from the house.

Apart from curtains and carpets, small decorating item also plays healthy role in looks of the house. Framed photos on the dresser and other tables will show the memories of the person living there. Lighting of the house is important in order to bring positivity in the house and also bright light working with the color of the house makes the look of the house more pleasuring.

Home decoration is also the second base of architecture. Without interior decoration of house, architecture is of no use as the main motto of the architect is to provide an aesthetic look to the house and without this decoration, there will be no beauty and motto of architect will not be fulfilled. In earlier times architects used to be the decorators as well.

Home decorations are basically specified to the need of the particular individual’s situation like what his or her likes are and what pleases the owner more. David Collins was one of the best interior decorator of his time and along with the strong presence in the world of media, he had this amazing business of creativity and imagination. According to him, creativity and imagination are two key concepts which are required for making the decoration of home really pleasuring, alluring and aesthetic. Interior decoration overall enhances the look the house.