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Hard floor – a guide to different options
and materials

Hard floor – a guide to different options and materials

Flooring is one of the fundamental and first part of the building, which one talks about for interior decorations or renovations. There are tons of different options available in the market today, right from wood flooring to carpet flooring. Hard flooring literally stands for hard floors, floors with include concrete cement, stones, tiles, etc. basically which feel hard and are not wood. With all the different choices available in the wood flooring and carpet flooring, hard floors are generally overlooked. The market today provides a wide variety of options when it comes to this aspect of flooring.

Here is a quick look into the different options available in the market today, along with the materials.

Concrete flooring

Concrete flooring gets everyone to the roots of building houses. It is the most basic type of flooring and in recent times has found some favor amidst the designers’ community. What is so pleasing about concrete flooring is the freedom it gives one to try different options. With concrete flooring one could try options like stained concrete flooring, polishing the concrete floor, painting, overlays, even in the form of concrete tiles and many more.

Concrete flooring is a category of hard floors which has no limits for customization. The core benefits of concrete flooring, also known as cement flooring, is the ease of installation, a big difference in price, the concrete flooring is much lighter in one’s budget compared to any other flooring, and the durability. One does not have to worry about any dents being formed or chipping as in the case of some other flooring.

Ceramic file flooring

Ceramic Tile flooring is a part of hard floors, where the tiles are formed from clay. The clay are shaped into molds in high pressure and further these molds are burnt in high temperature to form the ceramic tiles. It comes in two forms porcelain and non-porcelain. The major advantage of the ceramic tile is easy maintenance, where the dirt does not settle down and could be cleaned quite easily.

Water resistant property makes the ceramic tiles comparatively less messy. However, ceramic tiles are not good for trapping heat and tend to get colder sooner. It’s not a good option in colder countries. The price is comparatively cheaper and is in terms of area. It ranges from $4-$8 per square foot.

Stone tile flooring

One of most innovative forms of hard floors and personal favorite among the designers is the stone tile flooring. Here the flooring incorporates tiles made of different stones, which could be of a wide range like, marble, granite, limestone, slate, etc. This flooring concept gives an earthy look to the house, completely different from the usual wooden or carpet floors. Apart from this, the stone tile flooring also comes with advantage of low maintenance and high durability.

This type of flooring was already a preferred option for outdoor floors, but in recent times have been favored for interiors also, thereby making the place look trendy and neat. Like other hard floors, the stone tiles flooring also comes with the disadvantage of poor insulation. The price here varies and is highly dependent on the type of stone.