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Varieties of modern shag rug

Varieties of modern shag rug

Short or long pile

To choose the best shag rug you first need to decide whether you want short one or long pile. The traditional decors prefer the short pile rugs but many of them choose to have the long piled versions. When you are choosing the shag rug the appropriate size and color should be chosen so that it can match the room and can complement the room. There are varieties of options in case of materials in the shag rug.

Materials of shag rug

The shag rug can be made from natural and synthetic varieties. They vary in maintenance and price as the materials are of different characteristics. The natural shag rugs are made from cotton or wool. The fibers of cotton shag rugs are creative, funky in appeal. The quality is combined with affordability in case of natural shag rugs and thus it becomes chose of many people. It is best to be used in the dorm room or some artistic space. Wool shag rug are more luxurious and elegant but they are costly with that. They are durable as compared to cotton. If you are finding something which can be cleaned easily then wool is not your choice.

The synthetic shag rugs are usually made of nylon. They repel stain and can absorb it as well. There is no need of professional cleaning in case of synthetic shag rugs. This is the right option for living room and any other high traffic area as it can be cleaned easily as compared to natural shag rug.