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Faux wood blinds and its advantages

Faux wood blinds and its advantages

Wood blinds are one of the classic treatment choices for the windows. It is durable, attractive and easy to use. It is also suitable for a huge range of interior décor. But most of the people do not know that the faux wood blinds provide the same functionality, look along with more durability at an affordable cost. Faux wood blinds also have some other advantages.

Firstly, the faux wood blinds are available in two different forms and they are vinyl a PVC plastic type as well as composite wood. The variety of composite wood is made from real hardwood blend and the plastic polymer is used for high durable slats. PVC blinds are exclusively made from the polymer of vinyl.

In terms of their cost, the variety of vinyl is the lowest, while wood composite the second position and the wood blinds are very expensive. And in terms of their weight the wood blinds have the light weight, wood composite achieve the second position and at last the vinyl blinds are the one that has the highest weight. These are some important consideration while you order the large blinds.

One of the best thing about the faux wood blind is they are quite durable. It is perfect for rooms like bathroom, as well as kitchens, as it does not crack, split, fade or warp while making for the rooms with humidity and heat. Such type of durability is required in kid’s room. As it has hard coating which is highly scratch resistance.