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A guide to buying retractable awnings

A guide to buying retractable awnings

There are 3 different types of retractable awnings available in the market. Their descriptions are given below.

(1)  Standard Awnings

The standard retractable awnings normally consist of a roller made up of aluminum having brackets installed to both the ends along with a gear box having a winding handle hook. The whole assembly has an attachment with a steel bar in square shape which is then attached to wall brackets.

A standard retractable awning usually has 3 wall brackets with 4 meters width and 2 wall brackets with 3 meters width. These awnings are the cheapest of all the other types as they are pretty simple and basic in their construction.

(2) Half Cassette Awnings

Half cassette retractable awnings comprise of ¾ aluminum tube which is round in shape and has a substantial construction where the canvas and aluminum roller tube are placed. These awnings are available both with and without the functionalities of a motor and remote control. Half cassette awnings are much more advanced as compared to the standard ones. They are much stronger and are designed to last longer than the other types of awnings.

(3) Full Cassette Awnings

These awnings are a bit cheaper and possess lower quality.

If you want to get some nice retractable awnings that you expect to last for some time, your best shot is to go for half cassette awnings as they are the strongest and most reliable ones. You can confidently rely on these with your money.