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Decorating your living space with counter  height chairs

Decorating your living space with counter height chairs

Features of a counter height chair:

Nowadays, counter height chairs are no more considered as a luxury piece of furniture but rather has become an essential feature to any household. They are best used to decorate kitchens, bars and entertainment rooms. But sometimes, finding the right chair or stool can become a time consuming process as there are various points to consider while buying them, such as the style, comfort and height. So what sets the counter height chairs apart from bar stools is the height. The standard height of the counter height chairs ranges from about 24 inches to 26 inches. Usually the height of the counter table determines the height of the chair to be used. While placing them, it is important to give sufficient breathing space between each stool and by leaving at least 8 inches between the chair and the table for maximum comfort.

Adjustable Counter height chairs:

When using a non-standard counter table, the best idea would be to use an adjustable counter height chair. Also depending upon the height of the user, the height of the chair can be tweaked and fine-tuned. Some of them also come with foot rests and a swivel feature that adds for more comfort, thereby providing incredible performance. Also most of them are light weight and are easy to store even in limited space scenarios. Handling and assembling them is relatively easy. Depending upon if you want to use it as a designer piece or for helping you while chopping vegetables at the kitchen, there are several different adjustable styles of counter height chairs available today.