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Breathe life to your bathroom using color

Breathe life to your bathroom using color

We are mostly used to the plain old white or cream for our bathrooms but did you know that you do not have to stick to these basic colors in your bathroom? You can create an atmosphere of peace, serenity, tranquility, show a personal statement or even bring nature right inside your bathroom using color. With many colors to choose from, discussed in this article are a few tips to help you choose the best color schemes for your bathroom.

-First off, you will need to have a color wheel, so you can properly coordinate the different colors you want to choose from. There are color rules which when properly followed will help you achieve maximum color coordination in your bathroom, and the color wheel will help you follow these rules.

-From the color wheel choose at least three colors that you love the most. To help you with this, ask yourself what kind of environment or atmosphere you would like your bathroom to have. You can then check on how well the three colors coordinate. Tip: To make the bathroom more appealing, make sure that every color you choose will at least match the same color of your towels, sink, linen, furniture or any other items in your bathroom. Also balance out two bright colors with one neutral color.

-Getting the best colors will definitely brighten and lively up your bathroom. However, to make the effect more pronounced, blend the wall color with the shower tile color. This will greatly help in creating a look of a bigger bathroom.