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A shopping trip for country rugs and door

A shopping trip for country rugs and door mats

I am very fond of shopping home accessories and flooring items. Yesterday on visit to my friend’s home I discovered that there is an ongoing sale on country rugs and door mats in our nearby mall. As it was start of my month and my wallet was filled with finance and I already planning for new country rug I did not even give it a second thought and agreed on visiting that shop.

Quality and quantity of country rugs

I was surprised by the premium qualities available at that shop. From hand woven, hand knotted to western rugs every quality was there. You name it and you have it. Quantity was also sufficient. Although all items were subject to sale but this does not limit the availability of items. Ample supply of products was ensured. In addition staff was diligent in carrying out customer care task and I found every client almost completely satisfied.

Popular items of country rugs

Cotton braided country rugs, indoor and outdoor rugs, hooked country rugs, penny rugs and coir country doormats were the eye catch of every one. Rugs in every size and material were there.


It was the first shop ever I encountered offering 5year warranty on all rugs and doormats. The anti-bacterial machine made rugs are very much in high demand because of prohibiting bacterial growth. This attribute is naturally available in bamboo rugs. The natural oils in bamboo shoot keep the bamboo rugs allergens and microbes free.

On the whole the trip was successful. Not only I was able to grab a good piece for myself but I was also able to get a knowhow of latest prevailing trends in US. Huge discount was an added benefit to my purchase. The 9’’*12’’ country rug that filled my cart is perhaps going to be the central point of my living area.

The country rug possesses a blend of subtle and vibrant colors which will definitely complement my Oak wood furniture. I have ensured to buy rug long enough that sufficiently encompass the centre table and at least front legs of sitting chairs and sofas. To give it a more cozy and comfy look I am planning to place small different shaped matching pillows. Fancy decoration pieces will also be placed on centre table which will more enhance the aesthetics and beauty of my living place.