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A guide to Buying rattan Chairs

A guide to Buying rattan Chairs

Rattan refers to hundreds of vine species naturally found in some parts of Africa and Asia. It has a slender stem and has for hundreds of years been used to make varied furniture in including chairs although most modern rattan chairs are made of synthetic rattan. There are several factors to consider when shopping for chairs made of rattan. This is because they are mostly used as outdoor furniture.


Most available chairs made of rattan are made of either polyethylene or PVC. Unlike PVC, polyethylene is of high density and therefore capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions.


Weaving is a very important part in the process of making rattan chairs. A chair can have either a light and lose weave or a dense and tight weave. You need to settle for chairs with dense and tight weaves since they will take a long time to wear.


It is very important to consider type of material used in making a rattan chair. Although some chairs feature wooden frame, the most popular turn out to be those with aluminum frames. This is because aluminum is not susceptible to rust and can withstand varied weather conditions.


Like any other type of chair, chairs made of rattan are made in different sizes and designs. You only need to figure out the size and number of chairs to buy.

Quality rattan chairs are no doubt very suitable outdoor furniture that you can invest in for their outdoor functionality. Furthermore, they create a sense of nature, making your outdoor moments lively.