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Why should you buy a crib bumper?

Why should you buy a crib bumper?

What Is a Crib Bumper?

A crib bumper is a strip of padding or mesh that lines your crib, acting as a protective barrier. It can be tied to the bars or corners, and tends to line two to four sides of the cot, sometimes leaving a gap for a pillow of your choice.

A crib bumper may vary in size, but it is usually the right width for an average cot. This means that you needn’t worry about your particular crib being unusual or too big.

How Will It Keep Your Child Safe?

Crib bumpers are usually very thick or durable, to enable them to absorb a lot of shock. They can take kicks, punches and knocks without being damaged, and cushion the blows your child might otherwise inflict on unyielding wood.

They also prevent your child from grabbing hold of bars and potentially escaping the cot, which may seem funny but might actually end in tears.

How Else Can a Crib Bumper Benefit you?

A crib bumper can come in many different shapes, sizes and designs. You can choose an interesting pattern or scenes from a well-known movie, or you can decide on a color which suits the themes in your child’s cot or room.

A crib bumper is the perfect, practical addition to your cot. It’s not only a protective barrier, but also a way to make a plain, uniform cot the centre of attention. As crib bumpers typically follow the one size fits all rule, there’s no need to worry about finding the right fit.