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Window Shades Can Be Decorative And Functional

Window Shades Can Be Decorative And Functional

Window shades add style and elegance to your home besides being functional. You can open the blinds and shades on a beautiful sunny day and let the sunlight flood the room, but at times too much of light can be disturbing especially if you are watching television or working on the laptop.

This is where window shades come in providing just the right amount of light needed for the room. Selecting the perfect shades from the large variety available can do wonders for the room.

Fabric window shades are both functional and decorative and can either be tailor-made or bought from stores. Roman shades are simple shades and work best where full length curtains and normal curtains are not feasible like in the kitchen or a bathroom. Fixed balloon shades provide a softness and fine finish to your room.

They can conceal a blind and can be lowered when you need privacy. Make sure to select a solid pattern or a fabric with small prints so that the pattern is visible in the tucks and gathers created by the balloon shade. Another option is the roller shades that can be rolled out of the way if required for the window to be completely visible.

Honeycomb shades provide additional protection from the UV rays by having two layers of fabric folding in opposite directions. Window shades fabrics often have a lining that adds fullness to the folds and also helps to block additional light as well as help in insulating the room.