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Useful Wicker Baskets

Useful Wicker Baskets

Wicker Storage baskets are a great way of storing your things. These are mostly used to carry essential things when you are going on picnics and outings. The Wicker Baskets are made up of straw material that is embedded together in a way to design a basket like structure. The straw material is not only used to make baskets but it is also used to make nets, tables and chairs etc. Wicker material is made out of flexible branches and twigs. Mostly the willow branches are used to make out wicker baskets. The wicker straw handbags and woven or laced bags are extensively used by the women.


The wicker baskets are very light in weight and easy to carry. The straw material is not heavy and makes light weight and easy to carry everywhere. Mostly these are used to carry breakfast and food to the picnic spots. They help in storing many things.

Tightly woven

The straws are very tightly woven, and are much sturdy. These can hold up many things. For example, it can hold six porcelain plates, six finely made chain mugs, six water eyeglasses, six forks and spoons, napkins, a coffee thermos, etc. The wicker baskets have enough space to carry these things easily to a beautiful picnic spot.

Wicker baskets are very easily available in the markets. These are very cheap as compared to other type of baskets. The wicker baskets can last for over five years if they are used elegantly and carefully.