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Useful tips when cleaning wood tile floors, so you get a beautiful shine

Useful tips when cleaning wood tile floors, so you get a beautiful shine

Different floors require different cleaning methods and procedures. The way you clean concrete floors is distinct from the way you clean wood tile floors. That’s why when choosing a flooring option for your home or business premise, you need to consider several factors including how to clean and maintain it. Never rush to have something that you do not know how to clean and revive its shiny appearance. For a wood floor, here are tips on how to clean it.

Sweep or Vacuum it

Wood floors attract dirt and dust just like other materials. To clean it well, you need to make sure that even before you do any other thing, the floor is free from all foreign materials. In fact, cleaning is all about removing such materials and particles. You need to get a broom or any material that helps remove such things and make sure that it does not damage the floor in the process. Use those with a soft fabric because they remove dirt and are soft hence, can’t cause any harm to the floor of your house.

Wipe With a Damp Cloth

Sweeping alone isn’t sufficient to make wood tile floors clean and shiny. You need to take the second step and wipe it with a cloth dipped in water. Experts recommend that you use warm water if you want a shiny appearance. Also, make sure that the cloth you are using is wet and not too watery since it might take long for the floor to dry if you use such fabric. Warm water will help remove the dirt that sticks to the floor. When wiping, do so in circular motions so as to remove dirt completely.

Fill Scratches

You may realize after cleaning that some scratches need filling. When you find such spaces, take action immediately and fill because if you do not do so, then with time, such spaces will widen and it might be a problem to fill. In fact, if they are too big, you might have to consider renovating the whole floor. Therefore, always fill them early or immediately you find them. Wood tile floors are prone to getting scratches, therefore, be ready to care and maintain in the most careful way you can afford.

With these tips, your wood floor will always be shiny and last for many years. How you care for your floor determines how long you’ll enjoy its beauty.